Monday, October 24, 2011

Residents of Ercis, Turkey

-The night after the earthquake hit in Turkey, the residents of Ercis lit fires and camped beside the rubble that was once their homes. This made me think of the nature vs nurture angle in a different way; that a landscape of the 21st century is not too dis-similar from the centuries that came before humanisation. In the end, it is nature that ultimately defines landscape, if not it's inhabitants.
This image from the BBC website shows more of man than the houses that would usually be there, because of the adaptation that the human race has gone through- and how at the brink of our technological age, we still know how to survive in a basic way.
I don't mean to speak as if I know the struggle that is going on in Turkey at the moment. In Britain, despite the odd flood we are fine- but I think despite the morbidity of us watching, seeing and looking for bad world news on the TV or Internet I think it is important for us to learn from it, and that it isn't pride or arrogance that helps you to survive. It is basic human instinct.

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  1. Very interesting Nat, I don't think it is morally wrong to find artistic inspiration in world events, especially considering your thoughtfulness. I agree, the world is still full of natural phenomenon that we can't completely control and that is what makes events like this more shocking and in turn exposes the fragile nature of our coexistence with nature.